Pray For the World

I know I don't usually write on current happenings or the latest news, but I felt the need to express my thoughts today.

I woke up this morning and all of my social medias were flooded with #PrayForBrussels.  I quickly opened Google to find out what exactly happened in Brussels and the news shocked me.  Another attack.  Another explosion.  More lives lost.  More sadness, and pain.

This got me thinking...

When is something like this going to happen in the U.S.?

Sure, we've had hurricanes, tornadoes, etc., but no one ever wonders if we'll ever get attacked by ISIS or some other terrorist group.  Why?  Because we feel safe.  The world calls our country one of the safest and best-guarded countries in the world.  So we walk around, going about our daily lives, praying for other countries with travesties happen, but never once pause to think about what if this happened to me today?  Or in the next hour?  I'm sure Paris or Brussels wasn't expecting these attacks.  What makes us so immune to the possibility that this could, indeed, happen here in the United States?

We are so unprepared.  We take this life so for granted too.  We hold onto grudges, we don't talk to family or friends because of past differences, we don't take time to help someone out, to do a good deed.

Life is so short.  You never know when your last breath will be.

Are you living the sort of life you want to leave behind as your legacy?

Pray for Brussels.
Pray for Paris.
Pray for our country.
Pray for our world.


  1. Wonderful and inspirational post! I will keep praying (:

  2. Well whatever happening in the world is not good. With emergence of various extremist groups, its only worsening things. And such kind of Terror attacks hurts humanity. First Time here.. Impressed! :)

    The Solitary Writer