Everyday Blessings // 42

>> driving the back roads till 10 p.m.
>> acquaintances who quickly become friends
>> keeping up on this 30/30 Poetry Challenge
>> meeting a friend's girlfriend (and actually liking her)
>> getting drinks with an old friend and restoring our friendship
>> leading worship at a young adult group
>> discovering Endless Pursuit (interview with these guys coming soon)
>> running away to a waterfall on hot days with friends
>> bumping new music
>> when my siblings offer to wash my car
>> having solo worship nights at 11:30
>> needing someone to talk to and Jesus providing the perfect person
>> telling customers they're 'beautiful' or 'good-looking' and seeing their smile of appreciation
>> snuggles with my little sister and brother
>> celebrating National Sibling day by me and my big bro surprising the whole family
>> warm nights, but sleeping with the windows open
>> being able to call my Mama, even late at night...
>> cocktails
>> $5 tips from first time customers
>> spreading a sleeping back on my front porch and spending time with Jesus whilst over-looking the river
>> seeing The Jungle Book movie with my big bro #hardcorenostalgia #thatwasourfavoriteDisneymoviegrowingup
>> when one of my roommates makes me yummy dinners
>> this song
>> plans
>> trusting God to reveal His will for my life


How has April been for you all?

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  1. That is probably my one of my favorite songs! So amazing! Can u post a video of you singing? My sister and I love to harmonize. Praying for you just because! :D <3 Any giveaways coming up?