Missing Them

Missing them is going to hurt.  It's going to sting.  It's going to be a kind of pain that you've never imagined.  It's a kind of pain you didn't know existed.  (And I'm sorry you're finding out.)

Missing them is going to feel like someone is loading bricks onto your chest and you can hardly breathe.

Missing them is going to come in waves every now and then.  You'll be going about your day just fine when suddenly, someone will say a phrase they used to, a song will play, you'll find a shirt they gave you...and memories will hit you like a semi truck without brakes.

Missing them doesn't have a deadline.  Honestly, you'll probably miss them for the rest of your life.  They were a part of you.  They held a significant amount of importance in your heart.  Your souls were connected, and may forever be.
Don't rush yourself.
Give yourself time.

Missing them is okay.  It's okay to embrace it.  To accept it.

But remember that there is so much more to living than to spend time focusing solely on the pain of missing someone you cared for.  Okay?

And don't, for your sake, miss life because you miss them.

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  1. You're messages are always something I need to hear and that I can relate to. This post is great!