Music Monday | Interview with Zach Morris of Endless Pursuit

In March 2016, three teenaged guys, who call their group Endless Pursuit, released their first single - a worship song entitled 'Renew'.  

Two months prior to its official release, Renew was aired on National Radio on KLTY's New Music Cafe.  Soon after being available for purchase on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, the reviews were positive and encouraging, including letting the band know that some churches were using Renew during their worship sets.  

I stumbled upon the band through a simple retweet on Twitter.  And once I listened to their single, I was an immediate fan.  
The lead singer and frontman, Zach Morris, reached out to me and made me aware of their GoFundMe account in preparation for the launch of their second single.  I've already heard a preview of it and I'm excited for it to be officially released.

I asked Zach if he'd be interested in sharing with us a little about the band...

Raquel: Let’s start off with something simple.  Please introduce yourself and tell us about how you got started in music.
Zach: I’m Zach.  I started off in music as a wanna-be rock star; meaning, I was that annoying kid in 8th grade that was always bragging about playing some made up show with some non-existent band of mine that was “better than Green Day”.  This was really before my real relationship with Christ began. But soon enough, after my interest in music and guitar started, I met a guy named Matt Riley who was (at the time) leading worship at the church my family was going to.  After beginning some guitar lessons with him that lasted a little over a year, I decided I wanted to be a worship pastor.  That’s kind of how I began developing into the musician I am today.

Raquel: How long have you all known each other?
Zach: I’ve known Luke for about 3 years, going on 4.  I’ve known Zeke for about 2. 

Raquel: How old are each of you?
Zach: 17

Raquel: How did the band form?
Zach: Luke and I met after a church service at Celebration Church in Georgetown.  We only talked briefly, but long enough for me to see that he knew what he was doing with guitar.  A little while after that we met again at a small group at his house where I bugged him enough about starting a band that he gave in.  We recorded our first song that night using Garage Band, if I remember correctly. 

Raquel: Where did the name Endless Pursuit come from?
Zach: Good question.  It was an idea I had come up with after we had decided our former name was terrible.  The idea was that, even after our walk here on earth is done, we’ll still be pursuing God forever.  Hence the name Endless Pursuit.

Raquel: What instruments do each of you play and did you take lessons or teach yourself?  What is your favorite to play/perform with?
Zach: I mainly sing and play guitar.  I got lessons on both for about a year, then taught myself the rest of the way to where I am now.  If you consider the voice an instrument, that’s my favorite for live stuff.

Raquel: Have any of you ever taken voice lessons?
Zach: I have.

Raquel: Can you share with us who some of your first and current inspirations were/are?
Zach: I think my biggest inspiration - as far as songwriting and playing live goes - is Jon Foreman.  I just think he’s a really cool guy with lots of insightful thoughts about life and its implications upon music.

Raquel: Who are some artists/bands you’d enjoy performing or collabing with?
Zach: I’d definitely like to do something with Jon Foreman.  I think it’d be cool to have him singing and songwriting in the “worship” genre area.  As far as songwriters and bands in our own genre go, I’d have a blast working with John Mark McMillan, Kings Kaleidoscope or Elevation Worship.

Raquel: How many originals have you written?
Zach: I have no idea, but a lot.  I stopped keeping count years ago.

Raquel: What are the goals for the band?  
Zach: To make much of the name of Jesus.

Raquel: What has been one of the greatest blessings about performing and having a following for your music?
Zach: I guess the coolest thing about it is seeing the things that God has put on my heart impact other people in awesome ways.

Raquel: Do you all hope to tour someday?
Zach: Yes.

Raquel: Do you have any projects currently in the works?
Zach: We do.  We’re finishing up recording for a new song and also have another two songs that are currently still in the writing stage.

Raquel: If you had to choose, what would be one word that could sum up who the band is?
Zach: That’s one I don’t feel like I can answer very well.  I guess ‘resilient’.  It’s not easy to do what we do, especially not when you’re still in high school.

Raquel: What is some advice and encouragement you would give to any budding musicians?  Or to ones who have continually run into roadblocks in their path to becoming recording artists?
Zach: I think the biggest piece of advice I could give anyone that’s starting in music is to think long-term.  Nothing’s going to happen overnight.  Today’s emerging artists aren’t brand new.  They’ve been working for years and have been patiently crafting their sound and style.


Facebook: Endless Pursuit
Instagram: @EndlessPursuitBand
Twitter: @EPBWorship
YouTube: Endless Pursuit

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  1. I love interviews like this one! I will have to take a look into their music!