National Month of Poetry

April is National Poetry Month.
And I have accepted the 30/30 challenge of writing a poem every day.

I will be sharing some of them on my social medias (Facebook and/or Instagram), and also here on my blog.

Here is Day #4's poem:


I am not the malicious type
I do not do things with the intention of seeing an individual hurt
I hate being the cause of pain
I hate seeing tears form in someone's eyes
But there comes a time when I am that someone
Wounded, aching, in pain
And I need to say no to things
And people
Who are hurting me.
There is nothing wrong with realizing
When someone has become toxic in your life
They may have once been a beacon of light and love
But people change
Time changes people
And time shows how they have changed.
There is nothing wrong with protecting yourself
Remember to look out for yourself
Sometimes, we're too busy helping others
And making others happy
That we ignore our own hearts and how they are being affected
Sometimes, all you can do
Is pick yourself up
And be your own little hero.

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