Storybook Life | 13/30 Poem

As I writer, I look at life as a sort of storybook.  

We each have our stories

They're all different and unique in their own ways

We are a part of each other's stories

But ultimately, you are the protagonist to your story
And the antagonist in someone else's
And you're the person someone is crushing on
And you're the person someone looks up to -
Just like you look up to someone in your own life
And you're also a supporting character in a lot of people's stories
You could be the kind stranger who pays for a meal
Or a random person who smiles at someone in the store
You're that person in someone's book who can unintentionally change the whole mood of the story.

Our stories are already written
They were handwritten by the same fingers that designed the galaxies
Every intricate letter, every period, every semicolon
Was etched by the sovereign hands of an Almighty God.

Now if that doesn't make you excited for your storybook life
Then I don't know what will.

Life will never be a smooth path of everything nice
But it will be an adventure
And every person you meet along the way adds a sense of wonder
Because everyone is different
Just like every character in a book is unique
But we're all a part of the same storyline...

- 13/30 #NaPoWriMo -

I've been thinking a lot about life lately.  And just how quickly time seems to be flying by.
Every day we spend dreaming is a day we could be spending doing.  
Life can take some drastic turns.  Or suddenly end for some of us.  It's a really intense and terrifying thought, honestly.  I'm thankful to know - and believe - that death is just another chapter of my life so I'm not scared of dying.  But I'm terrified at the thought of not leaving this life well.  I want it to end beautifully.  I want to leave behind a legacy that will make people stare in awe and be able to say, "She lived and love well."
And I am only capable of doing that because I know what life and true love is.  I know because I belong to One who gave His life to show His love for me.  And that's a powerful thing to believe and trust in.
I just want to be able to leave behind the legacy of love and forgiveness and grace.
And ultimately, the glory of my God.


  1. Nice piece. '..we are all part of the same storyline' :)


  2. Wonderful post Raquel! So beautiful and true. Thanks so much for sharing :) You are so talented!