Everyday Blessings // 43

>> riding in a Jaguar convertible (bucket list wish checked off there)
>> star-gazing in an open field...and sleeping there till 5:30am
>> spicy food
>> band practice
>> looking forward to a tattoo appointment
>> applying to colleges
>> kiwis
>> showing a friend around the northwest
>> writing two songs in an evening
>> working on blog stuff in my dining room, with the French doors open and the river view from my porch
>> listening to Frank Sinatra
>> finishing up the April 30/30 poem challenge
>> when someone falls asleep on your lap or in your arms
>> kefir
>> going to Applebee's on the night before they cancelled my favorite sangria
>> it's May!
>> planning summer trips
>> Mike's Hard Peach Cider
>> post shower hair
>> bowls of fruit for breakfast
>> walks around the lake
>> teaching myself how to play my new babe (pictured above... Now accepting name suggestions)


Any exciting plans for May?


  1. wrapping around a dance year with the big show (got more practices than I ever had before so I'm looking forward to it), just enjoy being alone at home while everybody else is at work/school because thank God I just finished my first year of university!!! My main plan is to write more songs and novel chapters though XD

  2. and isn't Frank Sinatra the best ;)

  3. Star gazing, open doors, FRUIT, Sinatra, May, and post-shower hair are all marvelous little things! I love appreciating and savoring the little joys that life brings, and so this post make me :) :) :)

    I'm Hannah, by the way. I'm not sure if I commented on your blog before, but I'm about to go exploring!

    Grace in Everything