To the One Who Taught Me All I Know | A Mother's Day Poem

It all started by choosing to give me life
You fed and cared for me long before my little body was born
And when the day came
To let me enter the world
You experienced stress and pain
Only for the end result to be my tiny self, enveloped in your arms
And you fed and cared for me there too
I grew and grew
You watched and protected
You were there when I took my first steps
You were there when I took my first fall
You were there when I said my first word
And comforted me every time I cried
You have been the only steadfast person I know
When I was little, your leg was what I reached for to keep my balance
When I was older, your arms were what held me up when I was broken
Throughout my years of life, you were my constant
The one I could go to for any emergency, great or small
Whether because I scraped my arm
Or when someone bruised my heart
You taught me what it means to forgive
You taught me the importance of being patient
You have always been my biggest fan
My greatest encourager
My ever loyal and relentless friend
But more than that, you have been my mother
Not just a parent, not just a protector
But the one human in all the world who I can always count on
The one I can call in the middle of the night
The one I can depend on to be there for me at my lowest
The one whose arms I long to have wrapped around me when there is no one else to hold me
Your commitment to our family
Your excellent love for my Dad
Your determination in your work
All of it is so honorable and worthy of recognition
More precious than jewels
And though you may be an imperfect human
You fear the One who made you
And for that, I praise you.

Happy Mother’s Day to the one I consider the best of them all.

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