You're Not The Only Guy Who Will Love Her Well

To every guy with a girlfriend...

Don't think for one second that you're the only guy who will treat her this well.  Cuz I can promise you that you aren't.  There are hundreds of thousands of men out there who know how to treat a woman like a queen.  You're not some magical exception.

Does her very essence cause chills down your spine?
Do you quake at the sound of her voice?
Or tremble at her touch?
For her love should be something you fear with high regard.  It is not something she gives lightly.  She is allowing you to be in her life.  She is choosing you.
The chaotic storm that resides in her brain, the raging seas in her veins, the ever constant flutter of her heart, amidst it all, she decides to be with you.
Her soul is a strange and beautiful one.
She can be fierce, yet gentle.
Strong, yet humble.
She can make you feels things and take you places you have never been before.
And she will love you through it if you treat her well.
Learn from her.
Cherish her.
Love her tenderly.
Love her the way she wants to be loved, not the way you think is best.
She is so much more than a pretty face and a hot body.
She is a beautiful human.
She is a fiery soul, intent on living life to its fullest.
And she doesn't have to do it with you.
She'll do it with your help or without your restriction.

What you should focus on is being the guy who treats her so well that she decides no other guy is worth being with and will stay with you.
And don't you dare take her for granted.

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