6 Ways To Know That I Totally Trust You

1)  I let you be on my phone.
Either I give you the passcode or I unlock it for you.  Both are huge, huge, huge signs that I trust you.  This is NOT because I have things to hide.  I don’t trust people to be on my phone because I’ve had so many experiences where someone texts something to a contact of mine that I would never, ever tell to that particular person.  (And that just opens a whole can of worms.)  Or they hack my social medias or email addresses.  Just not cool.

2)  I stay at your house till really late.  And/Or spend the night.
This is pretty self-explanatory.

3)  I let you drive my car.
Oliver isn't some super expensive race car (shh, don't tell him I said that), but I'm really nervous about allowing people to drive him.  He's genuinely moody (not even joking).  He will literally drive well or not well depending on who is driving him.  And also a lot of my friends like to try driving fast, but aren't safe about it.  Sooo yeah.

4)  I let you know any of my passwords.
Not that this is a typical occurrence between me and my friends, but on some occasions, I can’t log in to something (online, at the bank, etc.) and a friend of mine is available to do it for me.  And this does include my phone passcode but it's different than #1 because in giving you my passcode, that basically means you could get into my phone at any time, not just when I allow you to look on it.  Make sense?

5)  I ask you for advice.
This is a huge privilege, honestly.  I do not take it lightly when I ask someone for personal advice - on anything.  I'm a very strong-willed, make-my-own-decisions type of person so humbling myself to either realize I need help/advice or just knowing I can't figure something out on my own, is a big step for me.  I struggle with this.  Just being real.

6)  Being emotionally vulnerable with you.
This includes sharing my innermost thoughts and personal struggles...and knowing that you will keep this information solely between us.


How about you?  What are some ways you can show people that you really trust them?


  1. Uh, definitely allowing/sending you my work to read. I do share stuff on Wattpad, but those are for random people to find, not my "real life" friends. And it means I trust both you and you computer to not link this to anyone, ever.

    1. Oh that's a good one! Didn't think of that... Totally agree with you though.