Erratic Prose [at a coffee shop] | edition 4

I'm sure you've all noticed the lack of posts this month.
If you follow me on any of my social medias, though, you would have seen that I went to Peru.
For the fourth time.
I was away for 2 weeks.  And just got back last weekend.
It was a perfectly timed getaway.  I haven't gone on a 'vacation' in a while and my feet were desperate to be on distant territory.
I not only went for a personal time to recharge but also to surprise one of my best friends for their birthday.  It was a successful surprise mission, I must say.

I didn't get as much time to write as I thought I would.  And when I tried to, I felt like I couldn't.  It almost like my brain was telling me to fully enjoy being in Peru again and to let itself recharge as much as my heart needed to.  So I did.  And it was good.

But since getting back late Saturday night/early Sunday morning, I have been craving to write.  I have so many words flitting through my mind that need to be expressed through pen and paper or laptop keyboard and screen.  I'm feeling motivated to articulate all these thoughts.  And I think I'll have the perfect time to because...
Next week, I'm going to a little cabin up on an Oregon mountain to spend a few days.  I guess to recharge from my recharging trip, in a way.  But also just to...rediscover myself and who I am in the here and now.

A lot of changes are going to be happening in my life.  I got accepted to a college - the exact one I wanted to go to (thank You, Jesus!) - so I will be moving.  Hopefully by August, so I can get settled in, and get a job, before classes start.  I can't fully convey the excitement I have about moving.  I have been in the same small town for over 12 years.  And I am just so ready to move on.
Get away.
Start afresh.
And plus, getting to start college and pursue a degree in a field that I am passionate about.
I mean, wow.  I am so blessed.

Oh!  And I am going to really try working on my YouTube channel this summer.  I have a bunch of ideas of things I want to start posting on it, and I hope you all will enjoy it too.

(So many exciting things up ahead!!!)

As of right this instant, though, I am sitting in a coffee shop called Insomnia, in the heart of Cannon Beach, Oregon.
Last night at almost 10pm, me and a friend set out on a night road trip to visit a friend who lives at the beach but will be moving soon.  We reached the beach house at 12:30am, found our respective spots in the living room, and passed out.  This morning we decided that we were true north westerners and weren't going to let the rain, wind or 58 degree weather stop us from hiking down to the beach.  I didn't have proper hiking shoes so I'm pretty sure I get bonus points for "hiking" in sandals (am I right?).
It was all well worth it though.
There's just something about hiking up a small hill of rocks on the beach and standing at the top, letting the wind and rain blow through your loose and wild hair, and just feeling F R E E.  It was a good feeling.
Then we hiked back to the house, took showers, changed into dry clothes, and drove to our favorite local coffeeshop.  And here we sit, drinking tea and coffee, reading, writing, sharing quotes, enjoying the comfortable silence around our little table.  For when you are with kindred spirits, no silence is awkward.

Well, dear readers, I will sign off for now.
I hope you're all doing well, and enjoying this first week of official summer.

PC: Jeremiah Zschomler

"I want to thrive.  Not just survive."

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