Everyday Blessings // 44

>> being the first guest on a friend's brand new podcast - Grace In A Strange Place

>> Captain America: Civil War (#TeamCaptain)
>> spontaneous mini-roadtrips to beautiful locations
>> writing a travel/packing list (yes, I'm going on another adventure... Anybody live in San Francisco?)
>> surprises
>> finding a men's plaid flannel - with a hood - at Goodwill for $7
>> the First 5 app
>> new rings
>> seeing friends in healthy relationships
>> applying to colleges
>> maxi skirts
>> planning to move again at the end of summer
>> roadtrips to the beach at 11:30pm
>> puppies
>> an evening of friends, pizza, ice cream, cookie dough, whipped cream and movies
>> a bouquet of wildflowers being left at your doorstep
>> yoga mats
>> eating pancakes at 1:30am at a bar
>> new tattoos
>> birds singing outside my window
>> getting a Dutch Bros drink paid for by the car in front of me
>> playing Never Have I Ever on the beach
>> saltwater taffy
>> answered prayers
>> God's timing
>> reassurance
>> encouraging emails from readers
>> first day of June

Who's excited for it to be June?  Any fun summer plans?


  1. Aren't maxi skirts the BEST!?! XD

    OMG you're applying to colleges? That's cool! In what program?

    I was really looking forward for June, May was a bit too busy to my liking (even though I was done with school). But I can sense June might be even busier than May after all, only time will tell I guess :)

    My only summer plan is to finish my book, and I'm failing miserably thanks to YouTube and Wattpad -.-

    1. They really are fun. I love maxi skirts!

      Yes! I actually got accepted!:) Check out my latest Everyday Blessings post to read more...

      I hope June was a lovely month for you:)

  2. I didn't know you had any tattoos! That's so cool. I don't have any (yet).

    Also, what would you know? I'm applying for colleges too right about now. It's probably a little more exciting for you though since I"m applying to go *back* to college.

    And I can't say enough about Captain America: Civil War except...how can you even pick a side? I mean, I love Iron Man and Captain America both so much. Hmm, I guess Bucky does break the tie a little, eh?

    Dani xoxo
    a vapor in the wind

    1. I have 6 actually:)

      Sweet! Have you gotten accepted to any?

      Bucky does have quite a bit of weight to the tie break...but honestly, Captain America will always have my heart <3

  3. Yay for Team Cap! Love that dude. Fun post, as always, Raquel.