In His Perfect Timing | Bethel Worship Night

I found out that Bethel's Worship Night was coming to Portland about five months prior.  I didn't have money for a ticket at the time, but I prayed about it and sensed that God wanted me to go.  "I'll provide" was what the Spirit spoke to my heart.  And I was fine with that.

I went to Peru soon after and that cut a big chunk out of my bank account.
When I returned from South America, I had only one week before moving to my new home.
For most of July I was jobless and living off my savings.
Then the LORD blessed me with a new job and I began working hard to save up again.

The week of the Bethel Worship Night approached and I still hadn't bought a ticket.
"God," I reminded Him.  "You said You were going to provide."
"I know," was all He said.

August 19th came.  The day before the Worship Night.  I still hadn't bought my ticket, and by this time, I thought they were probably sold out.
I decided to sit down and go over my budget, get my bills paid and see what money I had left over.
It wasn't enough.
My heart sunk.  I was so looking forward and hoping to go to the Worship Night, but it looked like it just wasn't going to be possible.
"You must not want me to go.  I was so sure You were saying 'yes', though," I prayed.

Just as I gave up all thought of going, I checked my email and lo and behold, I received a $180 payment from a website I had written an article for the week prior.

"I told you that I would provide.  In My perfect timing."

I literally screamed for joy.  He wanted me to go after all!
To top it all off, the event was just about sold out, but the 'best seating' ticket that I was able to buy was four rows away from the stage.

God kisses galore!

The Worship Night was easily one of my favorite evenings of 2016.  God moved in Portland through that gathering of believers.  We sang, and we prayed, and we wept together.  Walls were torn down, chains were broken, blessings were poured out.  And His presence was so vivid and real.  It was overwhelming.  I went there alone, but felt so far from lonely.  I was surrounded by my siblings in Christ and we were worshipping the one true God in a union only possible by His redeeming blood.  What an evening to remember.  He provided for my ticket in His perfect timing, and the night itself was His perfect timing in my life as well.  God is just so good.  So so good.

And my role model, favorite worship leader, and sister in Christ led us in her favorite song -

"Let the King of my heart
Be the wind inside my sails
The anchor in the waves
Oh He is my song
Let the King of my heart
Be the fire inside my veins
The echo of my days.
Oh He is my song.
You are good
You are good..."


  1. This is so, so cool! So happy that you could have this experience:)

  2. Wow I can't believe (actually I can) what happened to you! God is so faithful and amazing, even in the little things. Glad you had a great time (although God wouldn't provide for something that isn't worth it am I right?) :)

  3. Omg. This looks amazing. Raquel can you let me know when things like this are in Portland. I'd really like to go to somthing like this and if we could go together it'd be so sweet.

  4. Unbelievable, I JUST heard that song for the first time watching a live Reinhard Bonnke & Daniel Kolenda crusade last night!!

  5. Going to a Rend Collective Concert was my kind of amazing Jesus People feeling concert. If that makes any sense. It was really beautiful how we were all there praising God together. I cried. A lot.


  6. This is such an amazing story! I am so happy that you got to go. What an amazing experience!