Sorry To Break It To You, But Love Is Tough

True love isn't a perfect picture.
True love is very tough.
You are deciding to be romantically involved with a person who might very well break your heart.  Or you might break theirs.
Love and relationships should never be approached with the mentality that it will be full of candlelit dinners, long walks, cuddles, hugs and kisses.  You need to be aware, you need to be cautious.  Those super romantic moments may come, but those moments are nothing to base a lifelong decision on.

This is the real world.

I know a lot of sheltered kids who, honestly, scare me at the thought of them being in a relationship one day.  Because many of them are taught that "God has the perfect one planned for you" and "He'll let you two meet at the perfect time", etc.  Now don't get me wrong.  I believe those two sentences to be incredibly and 100% true.  But God also sends trials, tests, and difficulties our way.  And your first boyfriend, your first girlfriend isn't always going to be "the one".

The truth of the matter is...
You may not be his first.  You may not be her first.  He may have cared for another girl before you.  She may have kissed another guy before you.  He's not perfect, but you aren't either.  You're not the only girl he's ever made laugh or had that butterfly affect on.

So what are you going to do?

You're going to try and be the best you can be for them.  Not because you're living FOR them, but because they make you happy, you make them happy and you want them to be a permanent part of your life.  You're going to give them all you can.  And you know what, sweetheart?  You're giving him your heart.  You're giving her your heart.  A heart that they can break.  And you have the power to break theirs too.
Love is about being selfless.  It's about learning to care for them and even amidst trying your very hardest to treat them the ultimate best way they want to be treated, you might hurt them.  And they might hurt you.
Don't take moments for granted.  Smile when they make you happy.  And miss them when they're not around.

So even though you're not their first, make yourself the most memorable.  And hopefully, the last.

Do not fall in love with only a body or with just a face.  And do not fall in love with the idea of love.  It's a dangerous place to be.  You need to fall in love even during the pain and the hardships and the cruel moments, because those are the moments of testing.  The moments of trusting that your love will overcome.  Trusting that love never does fail.  And trusting that the man or woman you love is the one who will forever be the one.

Love is a choice.  And it's tough, but it's possible

Fall in love with the choice that you will make to love and keep on loving one person.

"To hate is an easy, lazy thing.  But to love takes strength everyone has, but not all are willing to practice."
- Rupi Kaur

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