Everyday Blessings // 46

>> September is finally here
>> working at Dutch Bros (dream come true, peeps)
>> settling in to this new town
>> learning guitar
>> writing songs
>> getting involved in a young adult's group
>> ...and a young women's Bible study
>> getting a side job as a paid writer!
>> spending a week with a friend before they go to an out of state school
>> mint tea
>> going to a friend's house and baking ginger cookies and watching 10 Things I Hate About You
>> taking a break from snapchat (I'm back on it now, though ---> iamjustraquel)
>> getting two new tattoos
>> exploring
>> watercolor painting
>> summer weddings
>> playing a show with Cities In Silence
>> Ben-Hur
>> driving with the windows down while it's raining (because northwest rain is the best)
>> purchasing a ticket to NF's concert (he's coming to Portland and I am freaking out about getting to see him)
>> helping lead a worship night
>> building two cairns
>> modeling for a work photoshoot
>> pumpkin spice breves


How has your September begun?


  1. Gee, you sure are in a tatto spree! How many of then to you have now?

    Congrats on both jobs! What do you have to do in you writing job? Seems so cool!!!

    What's up with Cities in Silence? It has been a while since hearing from the group! What's next for you?

    Have you started school yet? I won't till next week as a sophomore in college and somehow don't realize it yet. It's been so long since going to school!

  2. I hope you're having a great September so far! Mine is turning out pretty well! :)