I Support the Right To Bear Firearms

With all these stupid gun control debates, I thought I'd show my support of firearms by posting this picture. 
I grew up around guns. I shot my first one when I was about eight years old. 
My uncle taught me how to aim, Mama taught me how to squeeze the trigger, and my other uncle taught me how to breathe while shooting. 
I've shot rifles, pistols, gone skeet-shooting, and target practiced. 
Guns themselves aren't harmful.  It's all about who's handling them, and who's pulling the trigger.  In this day and age, I actually feel safe knowing that firearms are nearby and that I can use one if need be. 
I believe they should only be used in self-defense, to put meat in the freezer, or for practice shooting in a safe area.
I support the right to bear firearms. And will use them without hesitation to protect myself and the ones I love.


  1. Way to go girl! Guns are awesome! Thankful for that second amendment!

  2. I think it's cultural. As a Canadian, I feel like gun controls aren't a bad thing, although I know it is excessively complicated for no apparent reason. But I don't feel safer having a security system, or a fancy lock, or a rifle in my house. I'd love to learn how to shoot one day, but for the thrill of it, not to protect my family or myself. I have angels to do so.

    I'm writing this but I know there is more to that amendment than I can see. Looks like Americans are attached to that right to a spiritual level XD Anyways, some Canadian's point of view on American politics :)

  3. Awesome! I've grown up around guns and really can't imagine not having them.
    It is a shame so many Christians think it is wrong to have guns/ practice self defense.