Reason Vs. Choice | a poem | #NationalPoetryDay

It’s true that the initial motivation for why you fall for someone is because of an obvious reason.

It can be anything from the way they smiled at you when you first met
  How you can’t breathe when they’re around
    How their very existence makes you thankful for your own life
      How you are when you’re around them

These are all wonderful reasons to love someone.  But the choice of love is another matter
For to stay in love with someone is a decision, a choicenot because of reasons. 

Reasons come and go.  Reasons change.

There will be days when they won’t smile at you
Where you’ll be too mad at each other to let your breath be taken away or your heart skip a beat
There will be a time when you wish you didn’t have to see them at the moment because you hurt each other so badly
And there will even be a time that you don’t like who you are when you’re around them.

It’s in those moments that you must decide:

  Do I love this person for the good memories of reasons that I have stored away?

    Or do I choose to love this person simply because no reason is good enough

      And because love is the ultimate incentive?


  1. AW MAN THE FEELS. Happy poetry day!

  2. This was SO GOOD!