In A Perfect World | a poem

If I had been the writer of our story, I would’ve planned our meeting differently.

I would have planned it for a different time in my life.  
A time when I wasn’t so skeptical and quick to be a pessimist.  
I would have planned it for a time when I was more hopeful and not so scared to meet someone and develop feelings so quickly for them.  

For you.

In a perfect world, the first person you love is your forever love, the one who will never leave, the one love you will always have in your life till the end of time.  
In a perfect world, your first encounter with love is your best, your favorite, and your only.  
In a perfect world, love would always be a good thing, not something we would ever doubt, not something that causes us to be fearful.

But as many of us know - you included, I think - is that love happens at the most unexpected times.  You don’t even realize what’s happening until after the fact.  
Until after you’ve fallen for someone who, a week, a month or a year ago, was a complete stranger.  
And now they’ve become the most important, significant, special person in your life.  

That’s you in mine.

Do you know how often I’ve wished I could meet someone like you?  
And how often the thought has crossed my mind that I might never have that wish granted to me?  
All those 11:11 wishes were about you.  
Before I even knew you existed.  
You were the one my subconscious only dreamed of.  
And I think all that wishing and hoping and praying somehow brought you to life.  

Or at least I’d like to think it had some sort of effect on your wonderful existence.  

You are wonderful, you know that?

It’s 1:09am as I sit and write this.  
Your face keeps coming to mind. 
I keep replaying some of my favorite memories with you over and over in my brain and I smile to myself.  Not just because I love those memories, but because I’m so happy that even after not very much time has passed since that day you entered my life and exploded it with color, we have already made so many memories.  And I’m in love with them.

In fact, I’m in love with you.

And I’m so lucky to love you.

Thank you for letting me be the one to love you.


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