My Writing Adventure | an essay

In which I present to you: my first college paper.

Scribbling words here and there, at any chance I could, has been a lifelong habit of mine.  
Since first learning how to read, I have attempted to write my own stories, my own thoughts, and my own feelings onto paper.
My earliest memory of reading is one in which I clearly recollect a very patient dinner guest listen to me to as I read an entire children’s book about a fox who went to the dentist in an attempt to succeed with his plan of eating his mouse hygienist.  Another memory is of when my year and a half older brother would sneak into my bed, or I into his, and we would hide under the covers as I whisper read The Adventures of Curious George by the illumination of a flashlight.
Going to the library and checking out a dozen books a week was no rare occurrence.  After moving to a small town the year I turned ten, it took only a couple of years until I had read every book in the teen section.  The librarian always asked me for a synopsis on each book upon returning it, and soon began making suggestions to which ones I should read next.  She also became one of my biggest encouragers of my writing gift.
My Mama, though, has always been my main supporter and fan.  As my homeschool teacher as well, she never hindered me from purchasing new notebooks and pens.  I have a few boxes, in fact, stuffed with countless journals I filled during my preteen and young teenage years.  
During a year in high school, I took a novel-writing class at a private trade school in Clackamas.  
At the time, I was particularly fascinated by the Native American culture and the early pioneering days of America.  So I wrote a story of a young girl who grew up in an English settlement, only to discover, as a young adult, that she had actually been born as the daughter of a chieftain in a nearby Indian village.
When I was thirteen, I started an online blog as an outlet for my writings.  It has since grown in a domain-based website called It’s Just Raquel, with over 1.1 million views and has won three international blog awards.  I write, mainly, about personal growth topics, as well as spiritual encouragement, relationship advice, and diverse poetry.  I have written a myriad of short stories, novellas, completed two novels, been paid to write children’s stories for a small newsletter, and have also been published several times on one of the world’s largest leading writer’s websites, Thought Catalog.  In the future, I plan to compile certain articles from my website into a book format to publish as a non-fictional.
I used to journal more in-depth, but as of recently, I mostly bullet journal, record daily blessings, and take notes during sermons and Bible studies.  I also have an addiction to notebooks of any kind.  I’m a hoarder when it comes to spiral-bound journals.  Something about flipping through empty lined pages, begging to be written on, gives me extreme motivation to write and fill them.
I love to learn new things, researching about them, and writing down the knowledge I have gleaned.  This came in to very good use when I was offered a job as the main reporter for a small town newspaper my last year as a teenager.
How my instructor might best assist me in this class is to: challenge me.  I crave a good challenge, and I also receive constructive criticism very well.  I am a student eager to learn more, whether by assignments, pointers on what I have written or how I could have best written it.
What I hope to gain from this class is merely a means to exercise and strengthen my writing methods and techniques.  I am extremely ambitious and goal-oriented, and my perfectionist tendency always strives to do and be better than the writer I was yesterday.