Dreams Don't Turn To Dust

What do you do when you run into a brick wall?  Figuratively or literally.

You get hurt.  Maybe a little confused.  You get frustrated.  And possibly defeated too?

We tend to hit a few brick walls throughout our walk of life.  And when our dreams get stopped, we feel crushed and beaten.

You know that saying:  "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger"?

Just because your dreams are crushed, doesn’t mean they didn’t build something.  Inside of you.

I thought of this neat analogy awhile back...
Your dreams are fragile, right?  You care for and nurture them and think about them often.  When you feel it is the right time, you take a step towards them.  If they waver, you stop.  If they blossom, you continue.

But sometimes, even when there’s a slight quiver, we feel that our goal is just beyond our reach.  We keep taking steps toward it, little by little.  And sometimes, they slip through our fingers and we are unable to grasp them.  But from that experience, we learn something.  

Through every experience in life, we are taught something new.  Yes, it may be painful but it makes us grow.  It shapes and adds to the foundation.  The solid foundation of making new dreams and reaching for higher goals. 

So instead of dreams turning to dust, how about dreams turning to bricks, or building blocks, for a solid foundation? 

Dreams that disappear, really only disappear out of our reach because they fell to the ground underneath us.  And we are able to step up onto them and reach higher and higher.

Don’t ever stop dreaming just because one dream failed. 

Don’t ever stop believing that somehow, some way you will reach your goal. 

First of all, with God all things are possible.

Secondly, we learn from our mistakes and our failed dreams.

And thirdly, this life is full of opportunities.  Don’t stop dreaming because one of them failed.  Stop dreaming when you can’t dream anymore. 

(P.S. Bonus points to anyone who catches the two song title references in this post.)


  1. Whew. This sucker punched me right in the feels. Some of the most painful times of my life have involved me opening my hands and watching my dreams fly away. Thanks for the reminder that it isn't in vain, and it's building something good.
    Rachel Emily

    1. You got this, girl. Keep living and learning. And dreaming <3