Erratic Prose [first of 2017] | edition 6

Well, here I sit in my new home, which I have gotten quite settled into, thankfully.  I'm still learning my way around the new neighborhood, and challenging myself to find my way back home without using my GPS.  So far, I've impressed myself with how directionally talented I have become so hurray for me.

Also, I've been giddy with excitement at all the places I've encountered that are literally minutes away from me, such as - Ross, Nordstrom Rack, Chick-Fil-A, Chipotle, and Barnes & Noble.  The other day, I spent 6 (literal) hours in Barnes & Noble.  I walked down aisle after aisle, grabbing books of interest and finally sat in a corner of the store with a nice little pile around me.  I was in paradise.  I also ended up buying 3 books by the end of my time there.  I spent under $20 on them, so I was quite pleased.
A resolution I have for this new year is to make more time to read.  When I was younger, my parents had to pry me away from my books, but now, I find myself geared towards my computer and Netflix rather than to reading.  Going to Barnes & Noble that day really helped me rediscover my love for being nose deep in a good book, and I'm determined that these three I bought won't go unread.  I've been making time to read and journal before going to sleep each night and so far, I enjoy how easily it has fit in to my schedule.

Oh guess what?  I got a second job!  Yes, I'm still at my beloved Dutch (would never leave there, I promise), but I find my schedule not full enough so I decided to apply at Jamba Juice.  I got the job the day after applying!  I'm super excited about it and can't wait to start next week.  All I need is an evening bartending job and I'll be serving every kind of drink out there, right?;)

I transferred campus locations this week as well.  The one I was going to is about 1/2 hour away from where I moved to.  But now, I'll be going to one within fifteen minutes of me.  Cool fact: I get more of a winter break because the campus I transferred to doesn't start their term till the 23 of this month.  Pretty sweet, huh?

By the way, do any of you use Apple Music?  I recently signed up with it (and got a discount because I'm a student. Yes ma'am.) and have been in love with all the new music I've been able to discover and acquire.  Give me some recommendations?  What are some of your current faves right now?

We got a crazy snow and ice storm this last weekend.  I had to trade a shift with a coworker because I wouldn't have been able to make it to work with the condition of the roads.  Thankfully most of it has melted and I think we're on the path to warmer days.  I'm ready for spring.


How has the New Year been for you so far?  Any fun plans for this first month?


  1. I'm starting school today after a short two weeks VK so enjoy your winter break :)

    I'm so happy for you new place, seems really close to everything! And you getting a second job is incredible for me: I don't have a job right now but I'm always busy with school, church and Internet somehow X)

    It's my 19th birthday this month so I'm always in a good mood in January but the cold is real up here in Ottawa :( other than that I'm working on my New Year resolutions - which is actually to focus a lot more on my relationship with God. Other than that, I'm preparing to apply for internships (!!!!) and might look for writing gigs online.

    God bless, and keep writing! Love all of your posts :D

    1. Woohoo! Hurray for going back to school;)
      Thank you! It's really perfect for me. And thanks. I'm excited about my second job.
      Aww happy early birthday! Internships are fun to apply for. And there are TONS of online writing gigs. I'm sure you'll find something.

      Thanks, girl <3

  2. I love reading catch up posts from you, your life seems so interesting! I have the same problem about reading, instead of actually reading a book like I use to love I read other peoples blogs and call it good!

    The ice storm was ridiculous I am kind of hoping that the rest of the winter won't be this way. It's been hard.

    Oh! And congrats on your second job!!

    1. Aww haha I'm glad you enjoy them. This is true... Reading blogs can be counted as "reading". I just prefer the actual experience of holding a book and turning its pages and having it last for longer than just a few minutes;)
      Are you snowed in today? I am. We have about a foot of that white stuff out there. I'm hoping it clears by tomorrow afternoon though.
      And thank you! I'm excited for it:)

  3. Lovely update! That's so nice Barnes and Noble is so close-- I'm jealous. Taking time to read is so nice and important, it's pleasant to hear about your time spent enjoying literature. Good for you! I also love Apple Music-- having unlimited amounts of songs to choose from is a music enthusiasts dream haha. I've been jamming to Twenty-Øne Piløts and Bastille (as always) but then also enjoying some Jason Mraz lately, it's soft and simple and generally cheerful which is really nice to listen to when your mind is all over, as mine has been of late haha. Great post Raquel, I always love checking in on your blog :)