An Open Letter To the Role Model Women In My Life

Dear you,

There are so many fascinating little details about you that cause me to be struck in awe and inspired by your very existence.
Not many women my age can boast of having such incredible role models to look up to, and aspire to be like
And I promise I do not, I will not take you for granted
You have taught me many things
Steffany Gretzinger
Oftentimes without being aware that I was listening and learning
I pride myself in jotting down notes, tucking away words you say, and taking snapshots with my eyes of the way you live, move and touch the ones around you
You forgive the past,
Make memories in the present,
Laugh at the future
And you have taught me to do the same.
The way you forge ahead with a steady smile and a firm step
Willing whatever is ahead to dare try to stop you from taking hold of the dreams you so eagerly wish to reach
And some of those dreams you have already made a reality
And for that, I praise you
You are so much more than just a body with feminine parts
You're a force to be reckoned with
You have moved mountains, birthed tiny humans, and crushed discord
You are dauntless
You are brilliant
You are violent yet gentle
You are powerful yet kind
You show grace and mercy even if you have not been shown the same
You forgive without always being asked
You nourish, even when no one is sustaining you
You give of yourself until you are empty, and sometimes you're the only one who fills yourself back up
And you love
Oh you love relentlessly
Gal Gadot
I've heard it said that the strongest souls are the ones who have been the weakest at one point in their lives before
And if this is true, then there must have been a time when you were at your lowest, your worst, your loneliest moment
For the strength that emits from your spirit tells a story of how far you have come from that place
And you have changed the course of your life by pure strength
You are not the ship anymore, being tossed to and fro amidst the waves
You are the storm
You were once a defeated girl, but now have become a valiant women
And for that, I praise you
You have shown me what true courage is
You have taught me to not just sit back and accept whatever is thrown at me
But to embrace it, to learn from it

W O M A N 

Such a common word to describe one of the world's greatest wonders
A body that can grow a little human for nine months
A soul who can feel hurt, heal itself, and love in return
A spirit that can give freely of its energy and will others to do the same
You are so much more than any word could ever explain
More than any picture could illustrate
More than any poem could portray

Here's to you.


- - -

Comment below the names of women who inspire you - ones well-known or who should be.

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