every feeling I had buried over all of those years was still alive

growing up, I was always taught to not listen to my feelings, to my emotions:

because they change, they come and go, they are just feelings.

but as I grew older and matured - and especially at the beginning of my awakening journey - I cut ties with the "ignore your momentary feelings" mindset.  I started acknowledging my heart space traumas.  and it was hard.  it was scary.  because the consistent factor I found was that every feeling I had buried for all of those years was still alive.

and it was like they came to the surface... all at the same time.

especially situations that I experienced as a child.

being told, at a young age, that whatever you are "feeling" should be ignored creates a defensive wall.  and it's traumatic to pull that apart.  to rewire the way your brain thinks, and allow your heart to feel.

learning that everything that I was taught is the exact opposite of how I should be living... wow.  it shook the very core of who I am.

we are energy.  

we are spirits.  

we are merely borrowing this physical domain.  

and the way our body, our hearts, our emotions react to situations is our intuition

I didn't even understand what that meant until a few years ago.  I would have a "gut instinct" about things, people, places, but disregarded it as "just a feeling".  little did I know that tapping in to that, instead of pushing it away, is where my true power resided.

it's not about "judging".  it's about resonating with or against the energy we, as energetic beings, are instinctively picking up.  that is what we should be listening to.  not people who tell us to hush our hearts.

I hope that you come to learn this sooner rather than later.  and when you do, you will be gentle with your self, with your heart, with your inner child.  show yourself grace.  take it a moment, a feeling, an emotion at a time.  but listen.  your intuition is waiting to be heard.

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