15 Struggles Every Tall Girl Deals With

1)  Finding the right pair of jeans
Something long enough, but that fits our waist well too.

2)  "Gosh, you're tall."  
Really?  I didn't notice.

3)  "Are you gonna get any taller?"
I just don't really see the reasoning behind this question...

4)  "Do you like being this tall?"
Sometimes, yes.  Sometimes, no.

5)  "Do you play basketball?"
Just because we're tall doesn't mean we're into sports - most specifically, basketball.

6)  Cute dresses on other girls are cute shirts on us
It's true tho.

7)  Getting yelled at when we wear high heels
"You're tall enough already.  Why are you wearing heels?"  Because I freaking feel like it.

8)  Shaving our legs takes longer... (no pun intended)
For reals.

9)  Needing to duck, squat, or bend over in photos so your head doesn't get cropped off
The struggle is real.

10)  When in public bathrooms, being careful not looking over the sides or the doors because they're usually short enough for us to see over.
Oh my gosh, some public bathrooms are made for midgets.

11)  Being taller than 99% of the guys we know.
And this especially sucks if you've vowed to not date/marry a guy who's shorter than you.

12)  Having to 'slow down' when walking with our friends
Cuz, you know, their short legs can't keep up with our long strides.

13)  Hugs.  Sometimes.
Enough said.

14)  Having to crouch in some showers just so we can get under the shower head.
This sucks #1 - because everyone loves showers, and #2 - because everyone wants to enjoy standing under extremely hot water...but this proves a bit difficult when you're a tall girl.

15)  Baths.
Out of the question.


  1. You know, even though I'm taller than all the women in my immediate family, I've always considered myself a short person. Until I went to Peru, and found out how wrong I was! :D

  2. haha lol! I'm not that tall, but I have awfully long legs (but a short torso, so the struggle gets really real when I'm shopping XP) so I can relate to almost all of the struglles up there :D

    1. Thanks for your comment! Glad it was a little relatable to ya;)

  3. Haha these are so true! I am not to tall but my best friend is, she talks about some of these at times.

  4. Haha! I love this list! It makes me feel better. I used to want to be tall, but I ended up being short instead, in fact, the shortest of a family of 11 besides my ten year old sister. I have actually learned to really enjoy life being short, but its good to see that there really are struggles on both sides of the spectrum. ;) I think being short makes life more comical, that's for sure and because everyone else is taller than I, I have really learned to move my short legs really fast, so that I am even able to walk faster than some tall people. ;)

  5. Haha, I'm the shortest kid in my family and one of the shortest cousins... My tallest cousin and sister have given me a height restriction on who I'm allowed to date because they say all the short girls get all the tall guys. Although I'm not even *that* short... Aidyl from Noveltea

    1. YES! Short girls must leave the tall dudes for us tall girls!! haha I agree with your cousin and sister;)

  6. Oh, wow. These are good. Can I give a bit of individual commentary?
    1) lol. Who do they make jeans for anyway? I'm pretty sure we all have trouble finding a pair!
    5) Around here its volleyball too! Do you ever get that one?
    7) Aww, I do this one. Usually its just cause the rest of us want to see or someone is complaining that their feet hurt :(
    12) Me too! I take longer strides though not so many of them. I still seem to always get ahead though.

    Have a great week!
    Kate @ majesticgoldenrose

    1. It's true...
      Yup, I get the volleyball question too.
      haha Nice.
      Thanks for your comment, girl!

  7. my goodness. i haven't visited your blog in SO long -- and i've missed it. (i've been gone from the blogosphere for so long anyway... oops.) but yes. i saw this post, and i was like "AHOY, WHOA, HOLD UP. YASSS." and yeah. everything about this. every single one of these things are pretty much a daily problem for me. i'm 6'1" and these problems literally hurt me, in my soul. hahah.

    anyway. i'm hoping to get back to blogging, and reading your lovely blog here. i have always loved your posts, and i hadn't realized how much i've missed this. ;)

    xox, M

  8. Wow! I thought I was tall! I'm 5' 5" and 1/4....My friend is 5' 9".

  9. I'll leave the 6 footers for y'all...lol..jk!