When You Miss Someone

PC: Jon-Michael Gregoire
Sometimes, when you miss someone, you can’t really put into words how exactly you miss them.  
It’s more of just an ache.  
A dull pain.  
A gnawing soreness to be with them.  
It’s a desire to be held in their arms.  
A want to see their smile, hear their voice, smell their scent.  
You think back on the memories you’ve created with them.  Maybe some are filled with regrets on moments you didn’t take full advantage of, or something you wish you could’ve done differently.  But nevertheless, they themselves fill your mind constantly.  
You miss them.  
And to miss someone is just the way your heart reminds you that you love them.  And how much you love them.  
It’s honestly one of the worst feelings in the world.  And there’s no remedy for it.  All you can do is pray to God you get to be with that person again.  

“I don’t miss you and you alone.  I miss you and me together.”
- Pankaj