He Knows Where To Find The Pieces

Everyone is experiencing pain of one kind or another.  On different levels.  For different reasons.  But it all affects the same thing.

Your heart.

Life is tough.  It really sucks sometimes.  One minute you could be doing just fine, thinking you have things under control, feeling good about the direction you're going in, and then one little word, one phone call, one touch, can turn your life upside down.

Your heart will be broken.
And you'll wonder how things could change so quickly from something beautiful to an utter disaster.

You know when you get a massage, the person giving it to you has to work out all the knots and kinks in your shoulder, neck and back?  It can be kind of painful sometimes.  They need to rub, and twist, and apply pressure to the area that needs to be smoothed and pain free.  But in order to do that, you need to experience a bit of pain in the process.  And then afterwards, it feels amazing, right?

Sometimes, in life, God ordains for certain events to occur that help us weed out the bad in our lives and allow the good to enter.  He breaks off chains that bind our hearts to things He does not want for us.  He knows what's good and what's bad for us.  And He knows what's the absolute best for us too!  Sometimes this time of pruning may come in the form of what we would term a heartbreak.  But guess what?

He made your heart.  He is so in tune with the way it works and feels and the emotions that can hurt it or bring it joy.  And He also knows what can break your heart.  And He also knows where to find all the pieces and shape your heart into something stronger, peaceful and more beautiful than before.

So claim His peace in your life as you give in to His sculpting hands and trust that whatever pain you're experiencing in this present moment is serving a greater purpose in your life.  Look ahead.  He has amazing plans for you.

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