Never Stop Hoping

I was thinking today.  (Not a rare occurrence, I assure you.)  
But today, I was specifically thinking about how sad it is to know that after your first love, you will never be the same again.  
You will never view love the same way.  You will never feel for someone the same way.
Because before your first love, your heart existed without being hurt.  You were like a child, young and innocent, enjoying life for all it was worth.  You didn’t know the meaning of the word “pain”.  Everything was perfect in your eyes.  Until the day you were hurt.  And then, it was like a child seeing death for the first time.  
You’ll never view life the same way because you have seen the bad things that can happen, and how people can hurt others.  And after your first love, nothing will be the same because you know what love is, and you know that to love means to allow yourself to be hurt.

Crazy, isn't it?

You also learn something else after your first love, your first heart break, your first encounter with the painful side of loving someone.
You learn that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems, life does go on.  And it takes a day at a time to cry, to love yourself, to move on.  And it takes even more time to allow yourself to begin to hope again.  And you need to allow yourself to hope.  Because without it, this world would be a much darker place.  You can't always live in fear and hopelessness that you're going to keep getting hurt.  I'm not saying that you won't ever experience pain again.  I wish I could promise you that we all feel it just once and then the rest of our lives are perfect.  But that's not the truth.  The truth is, though, that hope is greater than fear.  And hope is the little candlelight against the vast darkness of unknown that will guide you to whatever and whoever God has in store for you.

Most of all, remember that you aren't alone in this struggle.  Many people have been hurt.  In fact, I can safely say, almost everyone has.  Pain is a part of the process of life.  It always will be on this earth.  
But just because it's something you feel, doesn't mean it's something you have to be.  One of the greatest beauties in this world is seeing someone have the strength to rise after being beaten down, to find the beauty in the ashes, the courage to move on, to start fresh.  Be that person.  And don't let a lost love define your future.  Hope for an even better second love.  Or third.  Or fourth.  

Just never stop hoping.


  1. Sharing this with a friend right now!

  2. This is so good! I'm convinced heartache makes our hope stronger. When you learn to walk away from a heartbreak, you realize what you are capable of surviving, and you know that while taking that risk again could mean more pain, you can survive. You can keep on, move on, and be okay, be even stronger than before.

    Thanks, Raquel!! :D

    Dani xoxo
    a vapor in the wind

  3. Love this post!! You are so inspiring! Do you have any blogging tips for beginners?

    1. Aww I'm glad. Thank you!
      And yes, just used the search engine in the sidebar to find them;)