Made For Magnificence

Everywhere you look, the world subtly - and sometimes not so subtly - tells us that we are defined by others' opinions of us.  Our popularity is ranked by how many Facebook or Instagram likes we receive on a daily basis.  And if we are well-liked, we'll have hundreds of followers on social medias.
The internet and magazines are constantly nagging us with ads on weight loss, skin care, hair product, and the latest beauty secrets.  Because of all these, we think we are made up of numbers - price tags, scale pounds, grades, likes on social medias.

But are we really?  

Is this who you want to be known as?  Is this the legacy you want to leave behind - someone who believed that something immortal could define who they were as an eternal soul?  We allow things to have such a hold on our lives, on our hearts, when in reality, we're the ones who are in control of who and what defines us.

You know what I think?
I think we're made up of love, of memories, of pain.  What defines us is what happens in our lives, the moments we learn, the moments we feel, the moments we will never forget, not even in a million years.

We're made of late nights with friends, or random mini roadmaps, taking a sip of your favorite drink on a brisk autumn evening or a stifling summer's day, watching a sunset from a rooftop, buying a pair of jeans that fit just right, the art we love, warm blankets in a cold room, the way music makes us feel or that moment when you look into the eyes of someone you love and know without a doubt that they love you back.

We're defined by what we allow to define us.  

The words we speak, the actions we follow through with.

We're lit on fire by flames that ignite many different blazes but we're all affected the same way.

This thing called life that we're trying to survive... Why can't we all just realize that we're in this fight together?  Everyone has struggles, everyone is being told they're defined by numbers.  But we need to rally together.  We need to acknowledge the brainwashing of today's culture and say no to being put into a box and labeled as a certain someone, a certain thing.

Because we're more than that.

You are more than that.

Underneath all the layers of skin that clothes your body, you are a living and breathing soul that was intricately designed by the breath - not the fingers - of the Creator of the galaxies.  You are special because He says you are.  You are defined as who He says you are.  Your label is not one of a mere product of earth, but of a handmade piece of art that He carefully and masterfully designed to be so breathtakingly beautiful.

We are more than numbers.  We are more than what they tell us we are.

We are magnificent.


  1. This is so beautiful... and I hope I can live like I know it is true. Thank you for sharing your lovely words!

    1. Oh thank you so much. And I know you can <3
      You're welcome. Thank you for your lovely comment.