"Nothing Will Ruin Your Twenties More Than...

...thinking you should have your life together already."

This statement resonated so deeply with me.

The path to our destination is not always a straight one.  It's a rather scenic route.  But maybe it's not about which road we take, but what we embark on.  Is it on our own judgement and the way we feel?  Or the truth that our soul knows and can trust?

Life is amazing and awful all at the same time.  And in between these climax moments is the routine, the everyday, the ordinary.  But the truth is that each of these times has significance in your growth.  If you were to fast forward ten years from now and choose to look back on these moments, you will see why they had to happen and for what purpose.

God says, "You're gonna be happy, but first, I'm gonna make you strong."  Because without the painful times of maturing, you won't enjoy the good times as much.

I know people who graduated college at the age of 19.  I know people who were making a million dollar budget by the time they were 25.  I know people who are single and have children.  Or people who are married but waited 5-10 years before having children.  I know people who love each other but aren't together.  Or people who hate each other but are married.  There are people waiting to love and who have so much love to offer.  You don't have to do anything just because you see others doing them or because someone tells you that it's what you should do.  I promise that the day you stop giving weight to people's opinions of what you "need to do" with your life, is the day you will feel free.

The point is, everything in life happens according to the time allotted us.  It may not seem fair, but the beauty of trusting in a sovereign Creator is knowing that He has a purpose through it all.  You may look at your friends and think "Oh they have their lives together", "They're so far ahead, and I'm so far behind", or "Why can't my life look more like theirs?"

Be patient.

You're right where you're supposed to be.

The best advice I've been given as a twenty-something year old is:  l e a r n.  Ask questions, make mistakes, learn from them, don't regret things because you never lose in life.

You either win or you learn.


Also published on Thought Catalog, "Read This When You're Feeling Behind In Your 20s"


  1. Girl, is this ever what I needed to hear! Thank you. :)

  2. Amazing insight. You are wise beyond your years. Your faith and your strong family contribute so much to that. I hope you know, you are very, very blessed.

  3. This post could not have come at a better time! These past few weeks, thoughts of self-doubt and wondering if I'm doing what's best for me have been flooding my mind. You basically worded everything I've been mulling over. Glad to know that someone else thinks the same way!

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  5. This has been a strange morning and I went on blogger, which I rarely do, and I clicked on "reading list", which I don't think I've done in years, and I scrolled down awhile until I saw the quote you wrote at the top of the page, and I haven't even known if God is here right now and the words you wrote are what I've been on my floor crying out to God about. it's just God letting me know I'm not alone. just thought i'd let you know.