I stopped saying "hopefully someday I can"...

...and finally did it.

I launched my own business! 

It sounds weird to say that because I am not a saleswoman by any means, nor do I claim to know how to even run a business.  But one of my DREAM jobs has always been to have the privilege of helping others reach their best and healthiest self: mentally, emotionally and physically. 
Through this business, I will educate - and learn along with others! - the benefits of living a natural and healthy lifestyle through Young Living.  Not only with essential oils, but also by utilizing the other wonderful products they offer!

Your encouragement and prayers would be much appreciated as this is all new terrain for me.  This business is so much more than just making money, but rather, my heart behind it is to serve others and help them thrive through using these natural options in their every day life.
I don't support what I don't believe in, and this company has changed my life in such a way that I can't keep it to myself.  I want miraculous doors to open for others too.

Please consider supporting me by liking my business page on Facebook, following me on Instagram, sharing the crap out of my posts... and if you have any questions, please contact me! 

Tell me how you want your life to change and let me help you reach those goals.

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