first entry in this new season

there's something romantic about being an early riser. you get to enjoy the first quiet moments of the day. having been a barista for over 7 years, and primarily working the opening shift, my body has grown accustomed to waking up before six o'clock.. or even five..

I just moved back to Oregon last week (more on this some other time).  found the most adorable little cottage to rent (that's a whole other blog post too).  I came with my whole life packed into my little Nissan Versa, so absolutely no furniture fit.  I was able to buy a little dining room set yesterday though, and my breakfast nook has a huge window, with some of my crystals and stones set along the ledge.  outside my window, my camellia tree is blossoming. pink flowers and petals sprinkle the lawn too, like confetti on a cake. how funny that I used that metaphor.. because my Mama placed camellia flowers on my first birthday cake.

I just made myself a cup of Earl Grey tea, am cozied in a cardigan that my secret santa gave me last Christmas, and my "Ew, David" socks..

and here I sit.


deep breaths.

this whole week has been surreal.  just processing and realizing that I am home.  living in Texas for the last two years seems like a past life.  it has been an adjustment, for sure.  being back. being here.  I have done the whole "big move" before but this feels different in so many ways.  not only because I grew and changed so much while in Texas, but also because in there, I had a different mindset.  a different way of doing things.  of coping.  and here, back in Oregon, I catch myself having to remind my heart and brain that we are home.. and free.. and I can embrace my true self again.  not that I wasn't before, but it was more of a bitter process.  a planting and burying season.  that's what I've decided to call my life in Texas. 

but now, it's time to  b l o o m.  to flourish.  and what a perfect time to. my birthday is in one week.  it is officially spring.  Aries season.

my season.

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